Shafer/Aregood Publish on Taylor & Francis Online

Proessors Richard Shafer and Richard Aregood, Communication Program at University of North Dakota, along with Eric Freedman of Michigan State University are co-authors of an article, American Isolationism and The Political Evolution of Journalist-Turned-US Senator Gerald P. Nye, recently published in Taylor & Francis Online.

This article allowed the three researchers to bring to international attention a North Dakota newspaper editor and publisher who progressed from writing incisive editorials from the edge of the Badlands beginning in 1916, to leadership in the U.S. Senate of the isolationist movement against American involvement in the Second World War.

A link to the article can be found at


Published by University of North Dakota Communication Program

The Communication Program at the University of North Dakota is a unique, mulch-disciplinary program offering an undergraduate degree and minor as well as graduate programs. Students have an opportunity to study closely with faculty across the broad range of communication areas and to prepare themselves for both careers and citizenship. In addition, students can be active in campus and community life through numerous student organizations and opportunities available through the classroom. Faculty members of the Communication Program have links to other academic programs on campus, including the English Department, Psychology Department, Indian Studies Department, and Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. The faculty all share a common interest and preparation in the study of communication.

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