Publication in Communication Research Reports

Drs. Soojung Kim and Joonghwa Lee have published their research in Communication Research Reports entitled “Norms in Social Media: The Application of Theory of Reasoned Action and Personal Norms in Predicting Interactions With Facebook Page Like Ads.” Communication Research Reports is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes brief empirical articles on a variety of topics pertaining to human communication.

Abstract: This study employs the theory of reasoned action and personal descriptive and injunctive norms to predict individuals’ intentions to interact with Page Like Ads on Facebook, which are a type of ad that individuals may “like,” “share,” or make a “comment” on. The survey findings from 631 respondents indicate that attitudes toward the behavior, subjective norms, and personal descriptive norms influenced behavioral intentions to interact with page Like Ads. In addition, this study found that subjective norms, personal descriptive norms, and personal injunctive norms were shaped by interpersonal influences (e.g., family). This study contributes to research on the theory of reasoned action and personal norms and provides practical implications for media practitioners, especially for advertisers and marketers.


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