New Publications

Two of our Communication faculty, Soojung Kim and Joonghwa Lee, recently published articles. They co-authored an article published in American Behavioral Scientist. This journal is a leading journal in social science, and the impact factor is 1.907.
The following is the article information:
Lee, Joonghwa, Soojung Kim, and Chang-Dae Ham (2016), “A Double-Edged Sword? Predicting Consumers’ Attitudes Toward and Sharing Intention of Native Advertising on Social Media,” American Behavioral Scientist. [Impact Factor: 1.907, Ranking: Social Sciences Interdisciplinary 9 out of 93, Psychology, Clinical 54 out of 121]

Soojung Kim also published another article in International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility:
Kim, Soojung, and Jiyang Bae (2016), “Cross-cultural Differences in Concrete and Abstract Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaigns: Perceived Message Clarity and Perceived CSR as Mediators,” International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility, 1(1), 6.

Along with their co-authored work, Joonghwa Lee published another article as well, in International HETL Review:
Schauster, Erin, Joonghwa Lee, Patrick Ferrucci, Seoyeon Kim, and Kim Sheehan (2016), “Get with the Ad Program: Website Content Analysis,” International HETL Review, 6 (5).

Congratulations to you both!


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