Comm 414

If you see your future career in the strategic communication and media industries, or in journalism, then COMM 414 MEDIA LAW AND ETHICS is the course for you! 

This online course is offered by University of North Dakota’s Communication Program as an essential component of the Communication degree.

The instructor, Professor Slavka Antonova, an experienced scholar in Internet Governance studies, will introduce the students to the contemporary legal and regulatory environment for media.

The course covers topics including:

·         How is online privacy legally protected?

·         What is the regulatory regime of protecting intellectual property on the Internet?

·         Are there any legal limitations to the “freedom of speech” online?

·         What is cyber-ethics, and what are the ethical challenges of online communication to media professionals?

·         Along with a number of other provoking questions will be discussed

According to Professor Antonova, “I am particularly satisfied that students, who had taken COMM 414 in previous years, have been successful in applying to law schools around the country. The course provided them with confidence and understanding of the complex legal and regulatory environment of communication professions.”

To enroll in the course, log in to your Campus Connection and search in the Communication courses for Spring 2017 for Comm 414. From there, you can add it to your planner and enroll during your registration dates. The home page of your Campus Connection will let you know when you can enroll in classes.


Published by University of North Dakota Communication Program

The Communication Program at the University of North Dakota is a unique, mulch-disciplinary program offering an undergraduate degree and minor as well as graduate programs. Students have an opportunity to study closely with faculty across the broad range of communication areas and to prepare themselves for both careers and citizenship. In addition, students can be active in campus and community life through numerous student organizations and opportunities available through the classroom. Faculty members of the Communication Program have links to other academic programs on campus, including the English Department, Psychology Department, Indian Studies Department, and Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. The faculty all share a common interest and preparation in the study of communication.

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