Letter from the Chair

Dear Communication students at UND: thank you for being the most important part of our Department!
It is a great honor to write to you all today to express the Department’s appreciation, and my own, for this opportunity to work with you.
This is a very exciting year for our Department, and I am very enthusiastic to share some details with you.

Open Office Hours
In order to ensure that I am available to meet with any student in Communication who would like to discuss, please visit me during my open office hours between 11am-1pm on Wednesdays (Columbia 2370H), or work with me to schedule another time that works for you. My goal is to grow our Department through working with my faculty to provide you with courses and opportunities that even better meet your academic and professional needs, leveraging our networks of alumni and industry colleagues to provide you with scholarly and professional opportunities, and hiring even more top-quality faculty to teach in new areas in our discipline.

For seniors potentially interested in graduate school, we have an exciting new combined Masters/PhD program available that I would be happy to discuss further. I also look forward to learning more regarding what new courses you might like to see offered in the Department. Please feel free to contact me via my email address in the signature below, or to visit during my office hours. On behalf of the entire Department, I thank you again for being a Communication major, double-major, or minor (or for considering the possibility). We look forward to making this decision even more valuable for you as the semester continues.

Further Updates
As you may have observed, we are extremely fortunate to have one of the best spaces on campus nearing completion.
The DigiComm labs in Columbia Hall will be a space available to Comm majors and students in our classes, brimming full of new technologies and potential that we feel will greatly enhance your academic opportunities.
I am very excited about our absolutely stellar faculty and our extremely welcoming Departmental staff who are available to assist with your questions.

As Chair I am here to ensure that our Department is ready to support you and enhance your UND experience at all times. Our academic advisor will work with you towards developing the best path through the curriculum.
We are very excited about the internship requirement for students in our Department, and we look forward to helping you craft the best possible experiences linking your academic study with your professional work.
Communication at UND is at an incredible point in our history having just been named a full Department last year, and we are poised and ready to provide even greater opportunities for you moving forward.

Yours with sincere appreciation and best wishes for a fantastic semester!

Timothy J. Pasch, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Communication
University of North Dakota
Columbia Hall, Room 2370S
501 N Columbia Road Stop 7169
Grand Forks, ND 58202
701-777-2128 office


Published by University of North Dakota Communication Program

The Communication Program at the University of North Dakota is a unique, mulch-disciplinary program offering an undergraduate degree and minor as well as graduate programs. Students have an opportunity to study closely with faculty across the broad range of communication areas and to prepare themselves for both careers and citizenship. In addition, students can be active in campus and community life through numerous student organizations and opportunities available through the classroom. Faculty members of the Communication Program have links to other academic programs on campus, including the English Department, Psychology Department, Indian Studies Department, and Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. The faculty all share a common interest and preparation in the study of communication.

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